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April 17/2010 - Holprop News

Do you hate it when you miss the boat and a market takes off and you haven’t bought in to it yet? It happened in Dubai and it’s happening in Brazil – there has been a lot of hype, and that hype is found to be based on actual facts and great fundamentals, and is now creating a buying frenzy that is pushing property prices up before our eyes.

So, is property in Brazil still a viable investment for those of us who don’t have a spare million to invest any time soon? The positive news is that it certainly is…and further more, if you don’t want to be a part of the 'beautiful people set' who are investing along the beachfront, there are some areas that you can invest in, where the future tourism demand will come from those wanting to be part of the ‘real’ Brazil.
Despite the influx, foreigners still make up a small portion of property owners in the market, however, Brazils government is very motivated to see more foreign investment.

A 50 sq. m.flat or apartment in the city center of Sao Paolo can be expected to return 9.6% per annum. Larger units generally have lower returns, from 5.4% to 7.2%. For apartments in the suburbs of Sao Paolo return between 4% and 8%.

Properties in Rio de Janeiro are more expensive than in Sao Paolo, however they also bring higher rents and in turn,higher returns; from 7.5% to 9.6%.

Returns for apartments in cities such as Fortaleza, Bahia and Brasilia are around 4% to 7%. Smaller units generally have higher returns. [read full article]

Did you know?

In order to buy a property in Brazil, a tax registration number from the Cadastro de Pessoa Fisica (CPF) is required. You can download the instructions and the registration form before you buy and have full knowledge of what you will need.

Already Latin America’s largest economy, Brazil is one of the world’s four most dynamic global economies, along with Russia, India and China. Goldman Sachs has tipped Brazil and the other ‘BRIC’ nations as having economies that will lead the world by the year 2050, overtaking the current economic powerhouses.
Brazil enjoys one of the most stable economies in Latin America, with steady inflation, falling unemployment and interest rates at the lowest level in recent memory. Foreign direct investment is at an all-time high and the private sector is booming as a result.

This impressive economic climate is in part due to Brazil’s political stability, as well as the Brazilian government’s ongoing commitment to national infrastructure improvements. Brazil has seen successful global campaigns to raise its tourism profile in recent years, and tourism numbers are rising rapidly. Little wonder, considering the breathtaking natural resources the country has to offer; not to mention its unrivalled climate and miles of unspoiled palm-lined beaches.

Just some of Brazil’s many benefits are:

Booming economy and stable political climate
Investment-friendly government that actively encourages foreign investors
Healthy tourism sector, set to grow further over the coming years
Unbeatable climate with around 300 days of sunshine per year
Low cost of living and real estate at incredibly low prices
Idyllic natural landscape, with over 3,000km of beautiful beaches
To visit our latest developments in Brazil see our featured agent or to view all our properties in Brazil, you can find them at Holprop.com/Brazil



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