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5 Fantastic Ways of Finding a Buyer for Your Overseas Property in Quick Time

25 September 2012 - News

Investment in the real estate market overseas used to be an exclusive preserve for the wealthy and affluent. However, savvy everyday people have leveraged on the real estate profits in the U.S. to buy properties abroad. There’s nothing better than having another home where you can get away from the hustle and lose yourself in some great grub and wonderful weather.

But things could turn in an instant. The only constant thing in life is change. So what then happens if you need to sell your precious property overseas? How can you do that at a profit or at best without incurring any losses? It is important for you know that overseas markets are not exactly as profitable, as you can put your property on the market and not have a buyer in years. Furthermore, you have to realize that you are in the market with other sellers, who might be touting more attractive real estates...

Are you looking for a sharp sale?  Are you prepared to roll up your sleeves and look for a worthy buyer? If you are to succeed, you need to prop up your international property properly. We are talking about optimum exposure, where your property would be hard to miss. And buyers would want to deal with you first before other sellers.

# 1 Who is Your Buyer

Defining who you want to acquire your property is a great starting point. You need to know who your prospects are before coming up with your price or crafting a description about your property.

So think a bit. Who do you think will enjoy your property the most? Would a wealthy young couple want to put money down for your apartment? Or would it be better if you target an affluent business man who has retired and loves travelling? How about a young businesswoman who has lost money in a financial deal? She might be looking to get out of the country, wipe the slate clean and start all over.

Take time to develop the psyche of your ultimate buyer. It is not a silly thing to do. It saves you a precious time and gives you a bang for your buck. If you target correctly, the person would love to have your property and would be willing to spend a lot more for it.

Choosing a specific buyer does not in any way mean that you are losing the bigger picture. You are just being smart. You are focused and laser-targeting potential clients. And not throwing yourself in different directions and appealing to no one in particular. Your tailor-made message will definitely connect to someone.

# 2 Get them Interested

Having built your profile, you now need to get their attention. A good way of doing this is creating a captivating property listing. What do you hope to achieve with your listing? Do you want to give your buyer top-notch reasons why he or she should buy your property? Do you want to paint a dreamy picture of what life would be like if your buyer lived there? To write a powerful listing, you need to follow this action plan.



1.       Why did you buy the property? Does it offer you an opportunity to be part of the surfing crowd or special festival months?

2.        What are the best features of the property? This is your unique selling point. These potential buyers need something to prod them in the back to buy. Is it the ocean view?  The wild life? The large kitchen? Or the cavernous swimming pool?

3.       When you are done, pick the 3 most important points and use to create your captivating headline about your property.

 Do not leave your headline confusing or clumsy because you want to fit in too much information. This is only a pointer to get things started. All in all, your headline should only be capable of one thing. And that is getting your potential client to read the 1st sentence of your description.

Convert your features into a crack list of benefits and why your target would love living there. You can get creative and tell a fable of what life would be like if they had your property. The strategy is to appeal to their financial motivations and heartfelt desires. So things like a get away from the concrete jungle, cheap expenses, exotic lifestyle and making an impression on friends, work like magic. Do not limit your listing to text. Take some creative pictures of your property, too!

# 3 Expand Your Online Search

 Do not rely on local agents only to find buyers for your property.  Besides, they would only put your market into a general listing and not work with a buyer profile like you have developed. Remember that the secret to selling a property in good time is putting it in front of as many buyers as possible. And nothing does this better than the Internet!

The stats are clear-cut.  A potential buyer’s first start point is always the Internet. So, as the saying goes, ‘if you cannot beat them, join them’. If for example, buyers use the big G to search for real estate in Panama, and you have property there, your listing should be popping up.

You do not need to go through the hassles of building a site. The thing is after building your site; you also need to drive traffic to it. And that does not guarantee that you will sell your property. Sign up with real estate listings sites. Do not jump at any estate site that you come across; only go for sites that boast of great traffic numbers.

# 4 Take Your Marketing to Another Level

You have developed your buyer profile, created a compelling listing and gone to the Net to advertise. You are on the right path. But you need to twist things up a notch with your marketing. Here are 5 great marketing strategies you can use. They do not cost an arm and a leg. They are easy to set-up and more importantly very effective.



Email Signature

People have email addresses these days. So set up your own email with an end signature. Let it strategically contain a direct link to your online property listing. This is a set it and forget it method where you are marketing without even knowing it.


 Youtube is the 3rd most popular site in the world. The massive traffic on this video watching site is nothing short of incredible. So do your chances of selling, a world of good by uploading a video giving a tour of your property. Remember to prepare a speech before hand stating why you love the place and why you want to sell it.  

 Sell the Lifestyle

Some people might need a little push to pay for your property. Help them by keeping a handy folder around, with information about the sights and sounds of the area. Give valuable information about the nightspots, restaurants, exotic food, festivals and generally best times to visit. Some people need to visualize a lifestyle before they can buy real estate!

Have a Personal Blog or Website

We advised against this earlier but actually getting a blog or site, can take your marketing up another notch. You might be limited about what you want to say on a real estate listing. A blog or site filled with stories about your experiences and happenings with the property goes a long way.

It is also very professional if you have a site to back up your listing.  It helps to relieve any fears of doubt.

Use the Social Networks

Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest and LinkedIn are massive social platforms that generate hordes of traffic.  Just a mention of your property here and it can be seen by millions of people in an instant.

# 5 Be Sensitive With the Incentives

You need to stoop down to conquer and make your property attractive to the buyer. Remember that you are not the only one with a property for sale. If you play it smart, it may seem that you are cutting down your price to the buyer whereas you are not. Here are 2 quality incentives you can offer for a quick sale.

Offer a Commission

Do not just leave your property to the local agent to handle. Get the caretaker, developer and anybody else willing to sell your property in on the action, with the promise of a commission if the property is successfully sold.


Throw in Personal Stuff

You have money coming to you. Try not to be a cheapskate, leave some of your personal stuff behind. It could be a washing machine, flatscreen TV, Paintings, Curtains and more. Do not do anything out of the ordinary; just throw in something with a sense of style. It might just whet the appetite of a potential buyer.

Hope these 5 cool ways help you in finding a buyer for your property in the quickest time possible and put a lump sum in your bank account!




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