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Real Estate Investment in France - Foreign Interest in Every Sector

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The real estate market in France has been vibrant ever since the country joined the European Union. Buyers from neighboring countries, as well as the U.S., have been purchasing residential and commercial properties with an eye to vacation as well as investment.

In the cities – particularly in Paris, but also in most major French cities, there has been steady buying pressure for apartments and single family homes. While apartments have historically carried higher price tags per square foot than detached homes, they still sell well to those who wish to minimize expense and hassles involved in maintenance.

In rural areas – those who want a more sedate vacation or resort home are purchasing in more rural areas, where they can find larger homes and estates at attractive prices. There is frequently more value in these rural homes, but the buyer will be tasked with managing maintenance and repairs. Many see this as a small trade-off for the beauty of the countryside and the privacy of these residences.

Membership in the European Union has fostered a great deal of investment between member countries, and France has benefitted. And, it’s not all in residential properties. In fact, commercial and retail properties have been a target for many out-of-country investors. Some statistics show that foreign investment in commercial and retail property, particularly in cities like Paris, has doubled in recent years. Some analysts predict that this trend will continue for years, perhaps a decade into the future.

Holiday & vacation properties – particularly in cities on the French Riviera, there has been a sustained demand for holiday and vacation homes and apartments. Apartments carry a premium price tag, but the vacationers are paying it in order to have the convenience and resort amenities. Those vacationers who return year after year to Paris or the Riviera are snapping up properties for their short-term enjoyment.

While these investors and vacationers are buying and supporting the real estate markets in the major cities, one should be careful to hire expertise to help in understanding laws and their enforcement as regards rental property. Recently Paris has experienced a shortage of properties for long term rent. A law that was previously unenforced is getting attention now. It states that properties cannot be rented for less than one year periods, nine months for students. This law is now being selectively enforced to increase the inventory of rentals for locals.

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