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Australia - A Country That Has It All

30 June 2011 - News

Australia is without doubt one of the most sought after tickets for those looking to relocate and improve their quality of life. A large country with a land mass of 7,617,930 square kilometers, makes it the Earth’s sixth largest country and as such (with just over 20 million inhabitants) has one of the lowest population densities in the world, with only 2 people per square kilometer. This fact, coupled with the knowledge that Australia has perhaps more natural wonders within its borders than any other, an amazing climate and a wonderful quality of life, all go to make it a top spot for holiday makers and those relocating.

An epic country on every level, from its natural deadly inhabitants of insects, snakes and famous sharks, to its vast outback lands that are largely uninhabitable, Australia is home to the most pristine beaches one could imagine. Also incredible national parks and it’s capital, Sydney, is a wonderful heady mix of metropolitan sun, sex and surf. Blend that together with great weather and the famously laid back and positive ways of the inhabitants, this country really has it all.

The capital city of Sydney itself is Australia’s oldest city, first established as a British colony in 1788. This city is extremely well designed, as is beautifully displayed by the stunning Sydney harbor. Sydney seems to morph from one architectural structure to the next, weaving through an extensive variety of restaurants, bars and clubs, opening up onto possibly the most famous beach in the world, Bondi beach.

It’s true that being beautiful is something that is openly celebrated in Sydney and is almost slightly akin to Brazil’s Rio in terms of the attention to aestheticism, however, this is Australia and at its core the people remain down to earth and hearty. These two attributes combined make Sydney both beautiful and compelling. Anyone that spends any time in Sydney always thinks of returning.

For those looking for a slightly more bohemian feel, Melbourne is surely the way to go. A smaller and more intimate city, this is the place for creative boutiques and independent swanky bars and cafes all linked together by cobble stoned alleyways. This is the city for great music and alternative arts for culture lovers and like Sydney, boasts wonderful beaches and great climate, a true gem.

In fact touring the cities of Australia is an interesting way to see the country, as each city has it’s own distinct personality due to differences in the climate and cultural inheritance. Other cities of note are Canberra, with it’s wonderful galleries and gardens surrounding Parliament House. Brisbane, with it’s cultural south bank made famous by Australian artists. Adelaide, known for it’s central market that boasts a fantastic array of fresh local produce of organic fruit, vegetables, premium meats, farmed seafood, home made cheeses and arts and crafts. Perth, great for it’s windsurfing and sailing also loved for it’s glistening Swan River. Darwin, known for it’s world class restaurants in Fannie Bay, this is a city with incredible waterfront property boasting great harbor side living. Cairns, is the place where many travelers come to hang out along the beautiful coastal esplanade, with great swimming in the large salt water lagoon, inclusive of trendy bars alongside boutique hotels and restaurants. Alice Springs is famous for it’s desert landscapes and Australian mythology, as once seen it will never be forgotten, it’s red rock land and blue skies are home to much culture, including the Museum of Central Australia.

For those that enjoy the surf, the Gold Coast is a veritable paradise on Earth. With thirty five beaches and some of the largest waves, this is where the professionals of the surfing world come together for the famed surfer Quiksilver Pro event that takes place in February each year.

For those that love wild life, Australia offers this up in abundance. Obviously, water sports and diving are also a huge draw to many fun seekers and serious divers. Off the coast of Queensland in the North East of Australia, lies the Great Barrier Reef, the worlds largest Reef system, with just under 3,000 individual reefs and an incredible 900 islands. Spread over a vast expanse of more than 2,500 kilometers. The Great Barrier Reef is a World Heritage site and one of the seven wonders of the world, a place not to be missed by those visiting and accounts for a substantial 1bn dollars a year in tourism.

Inland, incredible nature is just as abundant. One of the most awe inspiring national parks on the planet is the Kakadu National Park, which is Australia’s largest national park and home to many inhabitants of wild life, including Crocodiles, Dingos and Antilopine Kangaroos. There are rocks that date back two thousand million years and the park itself plays out like the historical story of the country itself from it’s very inception. There is a mystical feel to the park, as about one third of the rangers are indigenous Aboriginal people and much of the land surrounding is Aboriginal land. This give visitors an opportunity to gain some insight into another idea of Australia’s identity.

The average house in Australia is detached and inclusive of outdoor space. The average house price varies. In Sydney as of 2011 the average cost of a property is €415,000. Melbourne is slightly cheaper with the average house price at €350,000. In Perth, average house prices are slightly less at €340,000. Brisbane, where they are €325,000 and Adelaide coming in well below other areas at €270,000. It is worth noting, that due to Australia being such a large country, it’s cities are spaced out far and wide and vary greatly in property price due to local economics, therefore the smaller cities are often more affordable.

After deciding upon a location, here are some pointers to help with the purchasing process:

1. Look to have between 10% and 20% of the value of your desired new home available, as this is usually the minimum requirement for an Australian mortgage.

2. For foreigners buying in Australia the process would need government approval. This is quite a standard process and purely exists to stop foreign investors, normally companies, from speculation on property that would not help the Australian economy. However, there is nothing to worry about when purchasing a home for personal use.

3. To ensure eligibility in order to make an offer on a property, an application to the Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB) will need to be submitted first.

4. If struggling to find a mortgage, then enlisting the services of an Australian mortgage broker is a good idea as they usually provide a free service, deriving their income from the lender, although they do work independently of them. Not all banks may lend to foreigners, so a mortgage broker will help to pinpoint the lenders that are favorable.

5. Finding a good local realtor to help with the selection process is highly advisable. As is the employment of a trusted local solicitor as they will be responsible for handling all legalities and ensuring that the sale is in the best interest of the buyer and the transaction is water tight.

6. As with any foreign purchase, thorough research beforehand is advised as is surrounding yourself with a few local professionals that can give you the right advice at the right time. Other than this, with a little common sense and patience, finding and purchasing a dream home in Australia is thankfully a relatively straightforward process.

If you are thinking of relocating to Australia, then you will be pleased to know that this country really is the best of the new world, with wonderful people, incredible climate, natural resources, world class infrastructure and one of the best qualities of life available, makes Australia one of the best places to live in the world.

By (June 29, 2011)
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